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Recent years, Kerala had witnessed a growing upsurge in outbound tourism with more and more people venturing for international tours. Until a few years ago, Kerala had not seen such an exodus of people taking the adventure of visiting various foreign countries; nor had any experienced outbound tourist operator in Kerala on par with names like Cox & Kings, SOTC,TCI who operated from the outside states.

It is in this backdrop, Ms Nalina Pothuval, MD of GnS Leisure Travels Pvt Ltd, Kochi, introduced the doyen of outbound tourism in Kerala. It goes to the credit of Ms Nalina Pothuval that she ventured to set foot to spread the message of international tourism in Kerala right back in 1990, at a time when the inbound tourism to the state was in its infancy. At that time, she operated as the Regional Manager for SOTC, Mumbai and later on she helped TCI to develop their overseas travel business in Kerala. She started her own venture, GnS Leisure Travels Pvt Ltd, in the year 2000 and so it can be said that for almost past three decades, she has been the leading light of outbound tourism in Kerala. She has made hundreds of trips to various part of the world taking in her wings thousands of travellers from Kerala. It is her pride that she led a group of 110 tourists on the first Silk Air flight from Nedumbassery on the very first flight itself. And hence started the success story of Nalina and her company GnS Leisure Tours. She became the pioneer in Kerala to sow the first seed of outbound tourism in the state and many more companies followed her footsteps.

GnS Leisure Travels Pvt Ltd, has gained unparalleled domain expertise, service excellence and customer satisfaction. We have scaled heights through outstanding team work, constant innovation, consistent quality and uncompromising adherence to our vision, mission and core values that made all this possible. Yester years, our exceptional service has created thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. We put into effect providing a novel, pleasant and unforgettable expertise to our customers. What gave a woman the strength and courage to venture into this field where even men had not set foot on those days and provide the vision and leadership? It was the rich experience she gained from the renowned travel and tourism company SOTC headquartered in Mumbai that paved the way for this great initiative behind starting an exclusive outbound tourism company in Kerala. She had the opportunity of migrating to Mumbai at an early age and her education from Mumbai landed her with the tour marketing department of SOTC. And it was here that she learned her first lessons of international tourism marketing and it didn't take her much time to rise to the level of the General Manager of SOTC and was instrumental in developing the company business in South India and Dubai. It was this rich experience,Mumbai and her stint with eminent tour companies like SOTC, TCI etc which paved the way for Nalina Pothuval to become the torch bearer of outbound tourism in Kerala.

It is worth mentioning here that Mr Santhosh George Kulangara of the SAFARI TV/SANCHARAM fame, had his early lessons in overseas travelling through the tours conducted by Ms Nalina Pothuval and hence Ms Nalina along with Mr Santhosh Kulangara hold a pride of place in bringing this revolution in the outbound tourism industry to grow in the state. Over the years, she had the opportunity to arrange international tours for many top ministry-level officials, top business magnets of Kerala who benefited from her expertise of 42 years in the outbound travel field.

Today if a tiny state like Kerala can boast of 4 international airports, it is also due to this thriving international tourism from the state for the development of which Ms Nalina can definitely take the credit. Today you have connectivity from Kerala to the almost entire globe and Ms Nalina Pothuval with her rich experience of travelling across the world has the capability to assist the people of Kerala to any part of the world. Already her company is arranging tours almost every month to places like - USA, EUROPE, UK, IRELAND, SCOTLAND, SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND, CHINA HONGKONG, MACAO, AND SINGAPORE, BALI, MALAYSIA etc MANY MORE DESTINATIONS IN ASIA AS WELL.

It is her passion and not merely a business to take every affordable Malayalee abroad and make them aware and feel the international systems and the standard of living. She feels that only by exploring other developed countries one can aspire to make Kerala rich and healthy with the required improvement of the quality of living.

Her future aspirations in life are to pass on the knowledge she has acquired in international tourism over these years to as many aspiring and budding young people in every nook and corner of Kerala and to build a great network of entrepreneurs who can be future stakeholders in GnS Leisure Tours and take it to new heights.